The Gaijin Photo-diaries

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Through the Moss corridor to Mt. Fuppushi (Japan)

My first video of mountain hiking in Japan. One of the most interesting hiking route in the vicinity of Sapporo city near lake Shikotsu (Hokkaido, Japan).

Glaciological expedition on Djankuat glacier

Djankuat glacier

About a glaciological expedition on Djankuat glacier — one of the most explored glaciers in Caucasus (Central Caucasus, mt. Elbrus area).

Black Sea coast: Tuapse — Sochi

North Caucasus Railway: Hosta

One of the most beautiful part of the North Caucasus Railway (Russia): Black Sea coast line from Tuapse to Sochi.



A town near the foothills of the North Caucasus (Russia) where I was born.

Earthquake in Japan

Some pictures of Mito city (Ibaraki prefecture) and the sea coast near Oarai city just after the big earthquake of 11 March 2011.