Below are some pictures of Ibaraki prefecture coast taken after the tsunami happened on March 11, 2011. See Russian or Japanese versions for more information.

Comparing with the neighboring prefectures, the tsunami in Ibaraki prefecture was not very high — about four meters. However even four meters tsunami can cause significant damage as I understood from my small bicycle trip over the coast line from Hitachinaka to Oarai.

First of all I visited Hitachinaka area.

Naka-minato fish market after tsunami
Naka-minato fish market was seriously damaged by tsunami.

Damaged dock in Hitachinaka
The dock area in Hitachinaka city was also partially damaged.

Naka river after tsunami
Naka river recreation area after tsunami.

The Pacific Ocean near Naka river
View to the Pacific Ocean from near the mouth of Naka river.

Closed Oarai aquarium
No one car on the parking area near Oarai aquarium which is temporary closed due to the power outage.

The wave on the next picture is not a tsunami. Just a big wave in stormy day.

Stormy sea in Oarai
Stormy sea near Oarai aquarium.

Next I went to Oarai ferry terminal. It seems to take several months of recovery works before it could operate again.

Sank boats
Lifted up boat
Boats and fishing nets
Boat with shellfish
Car damaged due to tsunami

Recovery works were seen everywhere.

Recovery works in Oarai dock
Recovery works in Oarai dock