In 2002 I was lucky to join a glaciological expedition to Djankuat glacier, which is one of the most explored glaciers in Caucasus. Snow cover measurements on this glacier have been conducted for more than 30 years every year from the beginning of the snowmelt season in May until the first snowfalls in September or October.

At the same time Djankuat glacier is an important training spot for the students of the Geography Department of Moscow State University (MSU). Every summer hundreds of students study glaciology in practice on this glacier supervised by a MSU docent V. Popopnin.

The expedition was so interesting for me that I wrote a half-scientific report on my impressions and, being a student of Hokkaido University (Japan) at that time, I published it in the journal of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice (Seppyo):
雪氷66巻3号(2004): 2002年初夏、ロシアの中央カフカスでの氷河調査参加.

The article was written in Japanese and the full version of it is available on this site (the published version was shorten). The Russian translation is also provided. In addition I translated in English the photo gallery.