Below are some pictures of Mito city (Japan, Ibaraki prefecture) taken on the next day after the big earthquake happened on March 11, 2011. See Russian or Japanese versions for more information.

Building damage was not so large as I expected. It is well known that Japan buildings are very tough against earthquakes, especially the recently built ones. However some minor damage were seen everywhere. Also I saw several buildings partially destroyed.

Tiled roof damage
Almost every tiled roof was damaged.

Brick wall fallen to pieces
Great number of brick walls have fallen to pieces due to the earthquake.

Partially destroyed building
Partially destroyed building near the center of Mito city.

Destroyed brick building
Bricks are not good for building in Japan.

Roads in the areas of soft soils were heavily damaged. On the contrary, in the areas situated on hard rocks there were almost no road damage visible.

Broken asphalt road
Sinked part of a road
Damaged street

Ground movement during the earthquake caused damage to pavements adjacent to buildings.

Pavement damage in Mito
Broken pavement in the center of Mito city.

Pavement damage near Mito station
Broken pavement near Mito station.

Pavement damage near Mito city office
Broken pavement near Mito city government office.

In the areas of soft soils a lot of ground liquefaction occurred.

Street muddied due to liquefaction
Liquefaction in a bicycle-parking lot
Manhole lifted due to liquefaction

The slope near Mito Toshogu shrine completely fell down on the shrine parking area flattening out several cars.

Street blocked by slope slide
A street blocked by slope slide.

Large slope slide
Large slope slide near Mito Toshogu shrine.

Cars under debris
Cars under debris of the large slope slide near Mito Toshogu shrine.

Car from where a man was rescued
The car from where a man was rescued.

According to Mito Keizai Shinbun a man was rescued from one of the cars (on the last photo) just after the earthquake.