Recently I visited Sendai for a business trip and could see with my own eyes all damaged area near Sendai airport. Even three months after the tsunami there are still mountains of debris around there.

Only a small part of the arport is restored: one gate, temporary lavatory, small lounge with pictures of tsunami and encourage slogans attached on linen stands. Rental car companies are still out of the airport area too, but send a shuttle bus for you if you have an appointment with them. All the pictures below are taken from a window of this shuttle bus.

Damaged area near Sendai
Damaged area near Sendai three months after tsunami.

A construction deformed by tsunami
Even reinforced constructions were deformed by the tsunami.

Damaged greenhouses
This was a greenhouse field.

Lonely house among debris
Some houses are escaped destruction.

Removing debris
Dump cars and other machinery are everywhere removing the debris. However the work is still far from completion.