This site, which actually is my home page, was firstly created in far 1997, when I was a student of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). At that time the site contained several photo albums, Caucasus hiking records, and a virtual guidebook on the mountains of the North Caucasus which the guidebook was quite popular and caused a wave of e-mails from grateful visitors.

After my move to the Institute of Low Temperature Science in Hokkaido (Japan) in 2001, I moved the site to a local server, improved the design, added new pictures and travel records on Japan, and created English and Japanese versions.

After graduating the institute, the server was no longer available for me and I moved the short only-russian version of the site on a russian free public hosting, where it is situating now, poor thing :-(.

So, I decided to start a really huge work on the site rearrangement and putting in a lot of content that I hope is interesting not only for me. I really have a lot to say and to show. In particular,

  • a couple dozen Caucasus hiking records,
  • nearly 150 (!) hiking records on Hokkaido mountains and a few dozen travel records on mountains and cities of the rest part of Japan,
  • speleology in Russia and Japan,
  • notes on Japan culture and Japanese,
  • glaciology expeditions to Caucasus and Patagonia,
  • notes on the web development and programming and also mods to some games.

Although a large part of this site content is oriented towards the russian audience, I am planning to translate to English at least most of the photo albums and some notes and records.

Evgeny Isenko